Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ouch 2

Talk about Deja Vu:
If you read the post from January it is exactly what happened tonight but instead of Dr. Gerity I saw Dr. Phillips and it was early enough that I got an appointment so it didn't have to be an emergency visit. AP says I am not allowed to play on that field with Nala when the weather is cold and the ground is so hard. Everyone was so nice and fussed over me and fed me cookies but 3 Dr. visits in 2 days is too much for me so I am going to bed.


Bertha, Andy & Oliver. Buca would like you too if he wasn't such a husky. said...

Get well soon. We love you Tonka.

Tonka said...

Thanks my friends and my sweet Bertha. I am much better today and even went for a little walk.