Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Will we or Won't we?

AP here:
 I just spent the last hour getting Tonka's gear ready for a trip to CVRC tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the MRI at Veterinary Imaging of the Chesapeake and if all works out it could be followed by a scope with Dr. Klaser. Maybe to flush out what they find (foreign body) or biopsy what is there if it is a polyp or tumor. The bottom line is tomorrow should bring us some answers but.... it is Tonka. There have been so many times that we have done a diagnostic test only to have it be inconclusive or "normal".

Where we going tomorrow?
So will we or wont we get an answer tomorrow that is the question?

I'm hoping for foreign body something quick and easy to fix so cross your fingers for us.

I haven't told him yet that he has to wear his help em up harness - he is going to be pissed....


Kimberly Page said...

Good luck sweet boy!!
Thinking of you and your mom often!

liparifam said...

Fingers crossed :)

The Zoo Crew said...

Good Luck today T-Man! Loves of love being sent.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Tonka man! Hope you are in for an easy fix! Ava feels for you with the harness-gig. love you boy!