Sunday, August 18, 2013

Such a Sensitive Boy...

AP here:
After 3 days of being on Piroxicam Tonka was doing so well that I could manage to push aside the doom and gloom that's been sitting in my head since the MRI report. Then of course reality smacked me once again. Tonka woke up Thursday morning and promptly threw up. Now Tonka is a very sensitive boy when it comes to meds but he hardly ever throws up (usually the other end is the problem). The Piroxicam is a very powerful anti-inflammatory and we are trying to protect his stomach with pepcid AC and Prilosec everyday but Thursday that did not seem to be working. His prescribed dose for his weight is 15mg and we started him at 10 to stay on the safe side.

He was still perky and while I was cleaning up took off into the yard to do some excavating.

I was hoping that the tumor had just caused some drainage that had soured his stomach but when I got home that afternoon he had thrown up again. I tried to push the recurring thought of the chemo experience and 25 hours in the ER out of my head. I withheld the medicine that night and Friday started him on a bland diet and broke his feeding into smaller meals including adding one at 2:30am. with the goal of keeping something in his stomach. That seemed to do the trick and he has been fine so far.

Saturday was a BIG day as we had scheduled a play date with all his neighborhood friends including some we had not seen in months. We wheeled all the way to the park and I took the stroller to push him home in.

Up and Ready
Out the Gate
Strolling to the Field

Shania and SweetPea Showed Up

Nala Arrived
Duke, Henry and Delilah Came In


All my friends were there and they all ran and played for a bit and then hung out.


Delilah and Jake


Hanging with my Peeps
Delilah and Henry

Nala, Duke and Shania

Hanging Out

In the Shade
Ms. May and I had a Chat

Sonia Giving Pepe some Advice
Group Photo
AJ helped push me home

Wagon Train Ho!!
He was one tired pup when we got home and fell fast a sleep dreaming of his friends and how much fun he had. It was just like old times!


liparifam said...

This does my heart good :) Go, Tonka!

Tina said...

I'm happy to see Tonka enjoying his peeps again! Squeeze every bit of wonderful out of your days, big guy <3