Thursday, August 15, 2013

Days go by...

At the beginning of the week Mom gave me some new medicine called Piroxicam and it helped me be able to breathe a little better.
Monday morning I went for a walk and ran into some of the K's which was great.


Morning Hugs

Then Monday night I went for another walk with my friends....


then Megan and Cayden came over and we had lots of fun.



ahhh that's the spot

Tuesday we went to therapy with Chris and Diana.

my heart goes thump, thump, thump
Chris puts the cold laser thing on my nerves that don't work right and Diana takes my pulse.

therapy is so hard

I also get kisses....

On the way out I stopped to smell a light pole... that's a really big deal since I haven't been able to smell real well for awhile. That means the new medicine is working.
I was looking for my Aunt Gina but she wasn't there so I took off to the truck
Aunt Gina I missed you

Tuesday night I walked almost a mile over to my friends house. He was hanging out with his buddies and they all fed me treats and walked around with me.

Kids... My favoritist things

Wheeling with my Buddies

AP pushed me home

Wednesday we went to treadmill and I was so excited.I took off across the parking lot to get to the door and along the way I stopped to smell a bush. AP was very happy about that.

I wheeled right in and even though I did not have a great treadmill day (my foot was kinda draggy) I had a good time.

Headed to the Treadmill

Sleeping while being blow dried - I love It
When we got home I had a bath and a nap. Once I was awake and dry we went for a long walk again to see my kids and this time Nala went with us.

Saying Hello to Ms. Christina

Rolling Along
Headed Home
We hung out for awhile and then headed home and I made it all the way by myself.

It was a great couple of days....

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liparifam said...

I'm so glad to hear that Tonka is doing so well :)