Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The last day of therapy...

AP here:
For about a year and a half now Tonka and I have gotten in the truck every Tuesday morning and made our way to Bestgate Rd. in Annapolis. There we would spend an hour with two of the smartest and nicest people, Diana Huey and Chris Fritsch. These two ladies have been his rehab specialists every step of the way with his neurological issues doing cold laser and nerve glides with him and putting his rib back in place when it would pop out. They have never given up on him and researched and brainstormed all the way till now trying to figure out and help him walk again.
We would pull in the parking lot and I would back up the truck in a strategic space that allowed the back end to dip down just a bit to make getting him up and down the ramp easier. There was a space of time where he could not help me at all. Those days he wore his help em up harness and I would pull right up to the door and Diana would come out and help me lift him and carry him in.
Everyone there has always made him feel so comfortable and loved (kinda like Norm from Cheers). The other specialty staffs were always giving him treats and hugs and he loved rolling through the lobby to "see" everyone. This Tuesday started out no different as Chris and Diana came out to the truck to help get him up and into his wheels and we headed in for therapy.
Happy Boy!

I'm not sure what made me make the decision but I told them going in that this would be his last session. I think in the back of my mind I know the time is really getting short and I want all his "lasts" to be happy ones.

That is killing me you know "the lasts" -everything I do suddenly has a time-stamp on it as something we will never do again.

So the word went around the facility and Dr. Roa (who is an amazing surgeon and an equally amazing person) popped in on the therapy session to say goodbye. He chatted with Tonka for awhile and scratched his ears and his chin and I know Tonka appreciated it as much as I did.

When therapy was done we rolled out the door and his friends were there to say goodbye.

Lots of Love
Gloria and Sonia  had gotten together and come up with the idea to make me something special and so Sonia's mom made the most awesome Tonka hat for me.
Tonka Hat

Such an awesome gift....

Aunt Gina gave him some words of advice

Diana, Chris and his Aunt Gina walked us out to the car and helped get him in the truck. It was so strange and very sad to be leaving a place that has been such a big part of our lives for the past two years. Even though the reasons for being there have always been medical in nature its always been a happy and safe place for us.

On the way home I decided that perhaps we needed some breakfast so I stopped and got us a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.                                                              

I love bacon...
Nap time
Once home it was time for a nap. It's hard work and very tiring being so spoiled!


Ray the Blind Dog said...

Makes me cry just thinking of it.

liparifam said...

Same :(

The Zoo Crew said...

Hugs to Tonka's ladies. You made a difference.