Monday, August 26, 2013

The Puppy Plunge 2013

AP here:
Tonka and I attended the Puppy Plunge this year in Annapolis at Camp Letts. We hung out with Tonka's friend Ollie Lollie Stanford and his humans at the Veterinary Housecall Service booth.

On the Way

I'm here

I hung out with my buddy Ollie

I stopped to see the ladies at the Petsmart booth
 There were lots of booths to roll around and visit and "see" people to get treats from. Since we got there early it wasn't very crowded at the little beach and Tonka got to get his feet wet with the help of his friend Hannah.

My friend Hannah and I got in the water

Ollie was chillin

I took a break with my fan
Ollie took a break with some ice water

There were lots of people and puppies
 Later in the day Caitlin came with Noodle and we hung out a bit.
My friend Noodle showed up with a turtle costume

I love Noodle he is a happy boy

This little guy had big ears

Telia and I had a chat
 As the day wound down Ollie and I were tired and ready to go home.
Ollie was ready to go

AP packed everything up

I was asleep before we left the parking lot

Home and time to unpack
It was a really fun day....

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liparifam said...

That looks like a lovely time!