Friday, January 25, 2013

Watch Me......

AP has been out of sorts. She has a lot on her mind lately so yesterday I thought I'd do a couple things to cheer her up.

1st I did my best "look how handsome I am" pose in my wheels in the snow.

Then when she got home from work I did my "watch me" stand and walk for her.....

Then I let her sleep for 5 hours straight before getting her up.
Yup just doing my part to make her happy.


acd6pack said...

Hi Tonka! You're looking great in that video!! As for posing in the snow, well, of course you look good, you're so handsome!

To AP - we hope things settle down for you.

Tina said...

They always make us feel better, don't they? Liam gets so excited when I come home - he makes me smile every time!

Tonka said...

Thanks acd6pack I always try to have AP get my good side ;-)


PS AP says thank you!

Tonka said...

Tina and Leapy Lee
AP and I send big hugs and kisses to all!