Monday, January 21, 2013

For the Love of A Dog

AP here:
Tonka and I are early morning types. Usually between three and five I am up which in turn wakes him up and the first thing he wants to do is go outside to the screened in porch. In typical Pyr fashion he loves the colder weather and all he wants to do anymore is lay out on his bed. Being disabled I have to worry about him getting too cold since he cannot get up and move around to generate heat so I usually cover him with a fleece blanket. For extra cold mornings I also have a space heater near his bed.

This morning was a 4:30am day and so I put him out and covered him up and went back inside. The fireplace still had some life from last night so I put on another log and got it roaring again. I sat down and had my coffee while watching him on the nanny cam. He looked so peaceful out there and so cute all snuggled under his blanket. I started to wonder what goes on in that brain of his. I know he thinks, I have watched him as a blind pup encounter and obstacle and think about how to overcome it. When he is introduced to new things or commands you can literally watch him figure everything out so he definitely thinks. I wonder what he thinks about me? Does he understand that I have tried my best to keep him safe and happy? Does he know that I have done what I could to try and fix his medical problems? Does he think I have failed him with this last one? I know there are days when I think I have.


Zoo Crew Mom said...

Tonka doesn't know failure. Failure is human and we should listen and learn from our canine teachers. You have never failed him. Genetics have...<3

Acd Pack said...

You shouldn't think that you failed Tonka, not at all! You have done amazing things for him. Not many people would be willing to adopt a large breed blind dog, assist him in having a fantastic life and help him as he faces new challenges with mobility. You know that, I know you do. Sometimes you just have a bad day and that's okay. I am certain that Tonka thinks you are wonderful and so do we for all you do for him!
Hugs from the pack.

Tonka said...

Thank you Zoo Crew Mom and Acd Pack you guys are such awesome supporters for Tonka and me. Some days are just a little overwhelming at times.
Hugs to all from the T-Man and AP

chris, luck, and penny said...

I believe dogs know compassion and helpful touch. They know when someone cares and when they do not, you can't fool a dog. And he knows you are there doing for him, always have been and always will be. That is why you have the bond you do with him. There is no failure, it's about doing the best you can and you've more than done that.

Tonka said...

chris, luck and penny you as always ROCK. AP would be a wreck by now if it were not for you. Luck and Penny your mom is one of the smartest, kindest humans I know.... and AP feels the same way.