Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013

AP here:
I for one am not sad to see the end of 2012. It was an emotional roller coaster of a year for me with Tonka's steady decline in mobility. The different Doctors and their theories, the horrible medications they had us try, his depression at not being able to get out to "see" his people and friends, its nice to bid adieu to all these things.

We ended 2012 with a therapy day which was a very positive way to go. He got to wheel around and see some of the amazing staff in the building.  Everyone treats him with such love and compassion, stopping to hug him (and slip him treats) so he is always excited to be there. He cruises up to the front desk, sticks his head up for some love and a cookie and Ms. Kim and Ms. Gloria are always ready for him. This time he got to see Brittany who had not seen him since September.  That was a horrible month and he was having to be carried in and out of the building. She was excited to see how well he was getting around in his wheels and how he was back to his happy go lucky self.

There was a positive in 2012 and that was the people we met at all the different specialty practices. Tonka has some amazing people in his corner like Chris Fritsch and Diana Huey at CVSS. They have worked with him every week through 2012 and always give us hope and support. I am not sure where we would be at this point physically or mentally without them.

The staff at VNOC Gina, Donna, Brittany and Shannon are always full of positive energy and give him lots of love and affection.He truly is a spoiled rotten boy by all that know him.

The newest addition to the "spoil Tonka rotten club" is Caitlin who works as a vet tech at Great Annapolis Vet Hospital and does pet sitting. I needed someone to come by and express his bladder and get him up and moved around so that I did not have to keep driving the 30 miles home mid day to take care of him. Caitlin was recommended to me by Carmel at GAVH who is the one that taught me how to express Tonka's bladder. She has always been so good to all of my animals and I trust her judgement completely. Caitlin has been a life saver and he is always so happy to "see" her because she is amazing with him and spoils him rotten.

Here is hoping 2013 is a better year health wise for my boy!


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