Sunday, February 26, 2012

It is good to have friends

AP here:
We ran into Tonka's human friend Marie the other morning and she had not seen him for about two months and was very happy to see him up and walking. Hopefully soon his stamina will be back up to where we can go further and "see" our other human friends that walk in the mornings.
His recovery has been amazing and I credit the great care he received and continues to receive from his doctors and therapists. His therapists ROCK!
I also have to give credit to his wonderful friends both human and canine that have helped us at the park getting in and out of the truck and around the field. He is such a social guy and being able to go to the park and hangout with his friends has really helped him mentally. He also tends to lift his feet higher when he at the park which I would guess is part adrenaline and part uneven terrain.
Here are some pictures of Tonka and his buddies.

A Pack of Friends

I can fit

Master of Agility

Duke to the rescue
Some of Duke's humans helping the Tonk Man

Pssst - Hey Henry let me tell you a secret

Jazz gives the best hugs

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