Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Look

 This month I took Tonka to see Dr. Cannap at VOSM. He has seen Tonka once before for his shoulder and I wanted to make sure that his goofy walk was not setting us up for something bad down the road. The good news is his ankle, knees, hips and core are solid (except for the slight hip dysplasia in the one hip). He told me to keep him active anyway I can. He has some muscle atrophy and some slight deficit in the good hind leg so we are going to try the underwater treadmill with him sometime soon. That is if Tonka doesn’t absolutely freak out at the idea of being in water that is not the ocean. I really wanted to get a gait analysis done on their really cool computerized track so we could benchmark and monitor Tonks progress over time. Unfortunately the computer could not understand Tonka’s blind stagger along with his shuffling feet and it didn't work.  He asked me to talk to the neurologist on staff Dr. Gallagher and have him read the MRI and see if he had any ideas. He came back with the same things that Dr. Harris and Dr. McDonnell have already reviewed with us which leaves us no definitive diagnosis. He also concurred with the others that to rule out other possibilities we should MRI his neck and head which we will do at some point but for now he is making great progress.

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