Friday, February 24, 2012


Yesterday I went to VOSM and met Janay and Krystal. They helped me into a bathing suit (harness) and stuck me in a big glass box.


Off We Go

Into the Box
This Floor is Funny
 Then they added water - which was totally not cool but not as freaky as that swimming pool I was in before. I was mad that they tricked me into water so I snubbed them when they tried to make it up to me with treats.

Hey I'm Trapped
Hello - A Little Help Please
Must Find Handle - Water Rising
Then to make it even worse the floor started moving and I had to walk to keep from crashing into the back of the box. They made me walk for 2 whole minutes before they let me stop and rest and they did that 2 more times. AP says it is supposed to help my muscles get strong again. I cheated a little and put my bad foot out on the side of the floor that wasn't moving a few times but I got caught by Janay and she moved me back to the middle.At the end they turned on the jets and it made a little Jacuzzi/Whirlpool and Janay gave me a massage. I liked that part!

Help Me

Walking in the Water
Rest Time
Ahhh!  I Like the Massage Part
Why Yes - I will have a Treat Now

 It felt weird when the water started going away but I was glad it was leaving and decided that perhaps I would have a treat or two.

When it was all over they dried me off with some towels and gave me ear rubs so I guess it wasn't all that bad.

Towel Time

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