Friday, November 18, 2011


I had acupuncture today with Dr. Phillips at GAVH
She stuck some little needles in me (even one in my head). She read through my very large file before our appointment and knew all about all my medical challenges. Maybe this will make my leg work again. She uses these little needles and they don't hurt at all. You can barely see the one in my head.



Bertha said...

Tonka you are such a good boy! Now lift that foot.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Tonka! I get acupuncture every week and it does wonders for my joint pain and overall inflammation. I hope it fixes your poor foot so you can blippity blop again soon!

hugs and kisses
Tina and Liam

Anonymous said...

Hi Tonka!
you may want to have some TTouch treatment with that. I heard it works extremely well. Check it out:

Tonka said...

Thanks everyone. I like the acupuncture it makes me relaxed and sleepy. AP does some TTouch with me at home and I like it.