Friday, November 4, 2011

MRI - Oh My!

AP here:
I have to say I am not good at waiting and even worse at it when I am waiting on important news. Today was Tonka's MRI and that was an adventure in itself. I had him at the VNoC at 4:30 to get his IV catheter in place and then we waited for about 20 minutes for everyone to get ready. We had to follow the technicians over to the MRI facility which is about 5 minutes down the road fro the CVRC center. Once in the truck Tonka kept licking at the catheter bandage and so I had to keep putting my hand int he back pretending to have treats to distract him. When we got there I had to find a low place to back into the ramp would be at a very gradual slope for him to get down out of the truck. Once I got him out I gave him to the technicians to hold onto while I went to park the truck. They took him in and one of them came back to get me. When we walked thorough the door and I saw that we were in a stairwell with way too many steps he would have had to navigate my face must have dropped because the tech said "it's OK Ryan carried him down". Well Ryan probably weighs a whole whopping 5 lbs more than Tonka so all I can day is he must be in great shape. Then as we got further down I smelled the Tonka poop smell and she said "oh and he left us presents as he was carrying him" and there on the steps were some Tonka poops which she very kindly cleaned up for me.
I hope this is not becoming a habit with him since he pooped all the way up the walkway at Greater Annapolis last week.
The facility does 4 dogs in an evening and Tonka was #3 to go so the humans and the little Maltese that was going last (Vince) sat in the waiting room and did just that- waited. Vince has the same type of symptoms as Tonka but he is 12 years old and he is a very sweet little guy.
They came out once to tell me they were starting the MRI and then again to request permission to do a Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) tap. Then at about 6:30 they told me they were done and Dr. Harris would go over the results with me.
The great news was that there were no disc problems or any other issues with the spine other than some bright spots on the cord and that is why she did the tap. Dr. Harris is great and she went over all the images with me and explained all the different areas and what we would be seeing if he had a problem.

I had to wait some more because my lightweight of a big dog takes forever to come around after anesthesia and they ended up carrying him out to the truck.
Once we got home dad and I had to lift him out of the truck (still in his bed). I thought his ear was flipped over so I reached down to flip it back and realized they had shaved his head for the tap.

We then dragged the bed with him in it still out for the count around the back of the house and through the back door.
I setup my little bed next to him for the night and he never moved until about 1:30am and then he got up staggered around, ate a little food, drank some water and went right back to sleep.

We still have to wait for the spinal tap results but it is looking like this is an Orthopedic problem.

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