Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pyr Feet and Duct Tape

My foot is just not working right and it drags so AP is worried that my toe nails and pads are getting torn up so she is making me wear my Woodrow Wear Socks. You can usually get the socks for a discount if you don't mind getting an out of season pattern. Right now I am sporting the Easter Bunny print but hey they were 4 for $10.00. My Ruff Wear boots and my Ther-a-Paw boots are just too heavy for my leg to lift and if I don't wear something my toenails bleed.
The socks don't last because they were not made for dragging so AP has been sewing up the ones I already put holes in. She is now making a duct tape sock/boot which seems to work well.

She starts with the sock on my foot

Then she takes Duct Tape and overlaps strips over the toe area. The trick is to come up high enough in the back to where my foot makes the bend so that I don't wear a hole in the back.

Then she goes around the foot with another strip.

Then repeats the process once more and then she either slips it off and puts it aside for later, or we go for a walk. The duct tape holds up really well unless I get it really muddy and wet, then it starts to un-adhere from the sock.  She keeps a spare with her in her pocket just in case.

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NH said...

You know only Tonka would allow such a thing! <3