Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back to the Beginning

Dad and AP took me to CVRC and today I met Dr. Prostredny, AP had him operate on Myatuk years ago and he is really great.  He pushed and pulled on my leg and my knee and then had Mike take some x-rays of my knee. I liked Mike so I was really still for my X-Ray.
CVRC houses several different specialties in one building, it's where my cardiologist, my internist, my neurologist and now my orthopedic Doctors all are. AP says when I walk in I am like Norm on Cheers(whatever that means). Dr. Prostredny talked to AP about my dragging foot and he said that even though I have the hip dysplasia and some arthritis that is not my problem.  He said we are definitely dealing with a neurological problem and left for awhile to talk to Dr. Harris. Then all of us sat down and talked about what is going on with my leg.
All my Dr.s all say the same thing about me - "I don't make anything easy". When they run tests I always come back right on the edge of normal and when they try to diagnosis me I don't give them a lot of clues. I don't mean to be difficult its just the way I am!
Dr. Harris said there is another test we can do but I would have to have anesthesia again so AP said we will have to wait on that. In the meantime we are going to try some therapy and acupuncture to see if that helps me pick up my leg.
I could have had an FCE that is not being shown on the MRI but thankfully if I did it was small. Some dogs that have an FCE are completely paralysed from the shoulders down. The other good news is I can get off all these medications and hopefully soon I can get back to my normal walk to the park. They took another bunch of blood for some tests. I sure am tired of them putting holes in my leg. I would like for the hair to grow back on my leg and my head and for CM to quit calling me Hannibal Lecter head. Idon't know what a Hannibal Lecter head is but AP says its not very nice. All the technicians all told AP I was a good boy and Ms. Gloria from CVCA gave me cookies which was a good day to end my visit.

AP has ordered a boot to try and protect my dragging foot.The boots we already have are too heavy and my Woodrow Wear socks are too thin and I drag holes in them almost immediately. I don't mind the socks so AP is working on a duct tape solution using them for now till my boot gets here.

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