Monday, August 29, 2011

Yay for the Eyeball - Boo for the Nose

AP here:
I spoke to Dr. Woodburn this morning and he felt that we should have a rhinoscopy done to try and figure out what is going on with these nosebleeds. I called the internal medicine department at Chesapeake Veterinary Referral Center (CVRC) and scheduled it for 8:00am Wednesday. Tonka's recheck for the pressure problem in his good/bad eye was also today and we got to Dr. Weigts office at 3:30. As soon as he walked down the ramp from the truck he started to sneeze and blood went everywhere. He bled down the ramp, down the sidewalk and into the office. The staff hustled him into a room and Dr. Weigt put some drops of Epinephrine in his nose and stopped the bleeding. Once that was over she numbed his eye and took his pressure and it was down to 10 which is the best news we have had in a while. The debris in the eye is also down so the medication is working. We can drop the pred. acetate down to once a day again but keep the azopt twice a day. Once we got home Tonka's kids came up and visited for a few minutes and then he took a nap. Around 5:45 he got up and went outside and after a minute he started sneezing and the blood started pouring. I tried for about 15 minutes and couldn't get it to stop even with some epinephrine so off to the ER we went They checked him out and we all agreed that he should get the scope done Tuesday instead of Wednesday. After a complete blood work up and chest x-rays they let me take him home for the night and we are to return at 7:30am to transfer him from the ER's care to Internal Medicine.

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