Thursday, August 4, 2011

First Day Medication Free

Today is the first day I did not have to take heart medication so AP kept a close ear on my heart. I have been on Sotalol since March which keeps my heart beating correctly. We have been decreasing the dose over time since my surgery and today I didn't have to take any.
AP has to monitor my heart rate but I make it difficult by not staying still. If I am laying on my side I bat my paw at her and knock her arm away or roll on my back for a belly rub. If I am standing and she puts her fingers under my arm to start counting then I walk away. She decided that it was best to get a stethoscope and see if I would be better and behave since I am always good for the Doctors.

She has gotten pretty good with it.

I had a good first day without the medication and got to play with my friend Nala and go for a long walk!

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