Saturday, August 20, 2011

First Aid and CPR for Pets

AP here:
Today I attended a class for First Aid and CPR for Pets in Columbia Maryland. It was the PetTech® Pet Saver™ 8 Hour Program taught by Merrill Warchal owner of PetStructor
The class was really informative and the other students were all engaged and eager to share additional knowledge and help each other out. I hope I never have to use life saving emergency measures on an animal but it is good to know that I now know what to do if I had to. Merrill kept the infomation easy to understand and the hands on helped reinforce what we were learning. You can find out more about the course here and I recommend it to pet owners as well as those working with animals such as rescue and shelter personnel or pet sitters. She has a snout to tail assessment sheet that is well laid out and should be used by all pet owners to help notice and keep track of any changes in their pet. Catching things early is key in keeping your companion happy, healthy and leading a long life.

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