Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to the Bus Stop (well almost)

I love it when the kids go back to school because I get to "see" them at the bus stop. Today was the first day back and I took off  on my walk in the hopes of hitting all the stops. When I got up to the field by the pool it was so nice outside that I decided AP and I should run around and play.
Then I got to the 7'11 and Mr. Steve was there with Henry so I stopped to try and beg some of his breakfast pastry but AP said NO. I didnt realize it but that made me just late enough that when we crossed the big street the kids were already getting on the bus. I was not happy that I missed them but then the Moms fussed all over me and told me how handsome I was so that made it better. Tomorrow I will make sure I get to "see" the kids.

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