Friday, August 19, 2011

Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,
Every animal is special to the people that love them and my dog is no different. My Tonka dog is also very special to those that know him and I could not ask for a better companion, but Tonka is also physically special as well.
He is classified as a special needs dog. He was born blind, with a hernia and a hole in his heart; he averages about 2 seizures a year. He has had glaucoma and a cataract and now has either seasonal allergies or a nasal polyp or tumor that is causing nose bleeds. He is a genetic misfit and there is no doubt that in your grand plan of "only the strong survive" he was not supposed to make it this far. However, he is not in the wild where "only the strong survive", he is with me and a whole lot of other people that love and support him.
Every time you throw something new at us with the intent of weeding out the weak, we fight you, and we are going to continue to fight you. So Mother Nature it is you against US. The US also happens to include an amazing team of Doctors and all the technological medical advances of the human species. This tends to even the playing field a bit.
In the end you ultimately always win and death is inevitable for all, but that should be many, many years down the road.

I am simply requesting that for now you just give the boy a break.

Tonka's Peeps

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