Saturday, May 21, 2011

Back to the Beach 2011

I had such a busy weekend "down the ocean". I hung out on the new deck that CM had built for me, she calls it Tonka's playpen! It was constructed by JDG Construction Group Inc. and I love it.The guys all had pizza for lunch and I got to have a little crust- yummy. I went for a walk with my girlfriend toots. AP thought she had a good picture of her put it didnt come out that well. We will have to get a new one next time we go. She lives with my good friends Wally and Gwen.
Chillin on the new Deck

Almost Done

My Playpen

We went into town and I hung out with Rick at Odysea and met lots of kids and people. I also got my favorite cookies at Critter Beach.
It has been 6 weeks since the heart surgery so AP and CM took me to the beach to play. I love the beach and I was going blippity and bloppity all over the place. I was picking up sticks and throwing them and digging holes, it was so much fun.

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Anonymous said...

Tonka man! SO wonderful to see you out, playing on the beach - and lovin' life!

Mom and Lindsey got a new little sister for me. She's annoying - but fun to play with. But, she wants to play - EVERY second of the day. Kids!

She is a Bernese Mountain dog and Mom says she's going to be MUCH bigger than I am. Her name is Ava.

I hope we can play with you again some day. My Aunt Amy just bought a house in Rehoboth - so maybe we will see you again!

My hair got really matted from Ava chewing on me - so Mom had me shaved last night :(. I look like a dang Greyhound! But I'm sure I'll be nice and cool when the weather gets hot.

Right now though, I'm just kindof upset and feel naked. I see your hair is growing back nicely - hope mine does too!

Love and licks! Auggie