Sunday, May 1, 2011

Walk for the Animals

Today was the Walk for the Animals at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis so Nala and I went to check it out. It was really cool and I knew a lot of the people that were there at the booths. I "saw" my friends at the GAVH booth and even Dr. Woodburn was there. They gave me some treats and AP filled out a raffle to win a free office visit so cross your fingers that she wins. Kelly the owner of Pet Barn was there and gave me lots of love and some really good treats that I tried to steal some more of on my next pass by. Darwin the turtle was there and I had never met a turtle before so that was something new for me. There was a really big dog walking around on 2 legs and he and I got along great. Nala and I did some of the walk but not the 5 mile walk since that would be too much for me right now but we had lots of fun meeting all the other puppies on the trail. On the way home even Nala closed her eyes and started to fall asleep and she never stops...


What is a Darwin
Don't Bite My Head
That Tickles

I Love This Guy


Out Like a Light

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