Monday, May 16, 2011

Some Old Friends and Some New Friends

I went to the beach on Saturday and came home Sunday morning. I had a great time "seeing" all my friends like Wally, Gwen, Jeff and Jill and going to Odysea and saying hi to Rick. While we were walking down the street a voice from above on a restaurant deck asked "does that dog have a prosthetic eye". When AP looked up to answer she saw it was Dr. Wiegt my opthomologist. She takes really good care of my eyes and it is always so nice to "see" her.

When I got home my friends Patty, Ed and Buttercup stopped by with Helen and Raja from the blog  Helen and Raja also wrote a book called the Journey of the Shih Tzu that is all about the breed and its history. AP and I were guest bloggers a while back and Helen and Raja have been really supportive to AP during my heart problems.

Since Raja and Buttercup are a bit smaller than me so I tried to be really careful not to step on one of them. I ended up laying down but not before I gave Helen lots of kisses. It was really great to finally meet them. 
Saying Cheese for Ed
Hi Raja

You have my full attention!

Happy Crew

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Helen and Raja said...

Tonka, you are the bravest dog I know. You wait and see, in a month or so all your problems will be behind you and you will be your old self again!

Mean! Helen and Raja