Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tonka Goes Back to School

I went back to school yesterday but not for obedience. I got to go to a school with "kids" my most favoritist things in the whole world. Dr. Weigt who takes care of my eyes called AP and needed a "show and tell" dog for a career day talk she was giving and asked if I could go. AP thought it would be good for me since I have been through so much lately. We went to 2 classrooms and Dr. Weigt showed a slide show and let the kids look in her eye with the slit lamp microscope which is what she looks in my eyes with. When they were finished with the microscope they got to pet me, it was so much fun. I showed off a little at the end with a few tricks and I kissed a few ears. I was very tired at the end of it and Dr. Weigt even said to AP that I was not my pre surgery energetic self. I hope adjusting my meds helps perk me up - see .

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