Monday, April 4, 2011

Upcoming surgery

AP here: Tonka is scheduled for surgery this month to repair the PDA with the ductal occluder. If all goes well it will be great to take advantage of that since it is minimally invasive surgery with a shorter recovery time. If they get in there and the hole is too big we will have to cancel that option and go back at a later date to have the duct tied off. The fact that he is is now three and this was never caught until now is not in our favor - his heart is enlarged from the years of constant over circualtion. To compound matters his limp is back and so even slow quiet walks are having to be cancelled which makes him very depressed and angry. Pyr's are a very stoic breed and will ignore pain to do what they want. Tonka thinks he should be able to walk and run and play. Unlike a sighted dog he is not able to lay at the front door and watch the world and be entertained that way so it is very hard to keep him occupied or quiet. I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support, prayers and well wishes and will try to keep you posted as we go.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tonka,
hope the surgery goes well and that at the end everything will be fine.
I love reading you, you make me laugh.
If I have a suggestion for you, while you cannot do physical activity... I suggest some mental activity. Using your nose and searching for thing should keep you entertained for a while.

anton said...

You look so quite Tonka. I feel pity about your deficiency by born. I wish good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tonka.. do they make BIG BIG DOGGIE STROLLERS !! LOL !!!we can go strolling together ! BOL !! You know we are praying for a very successful surgery ! You have the best mom ever and i know she is going to get you back on track !!


Bertha said...

I will give you Buca's heart if you need one. It works and the only hole are in his head. NH says we have to be really good and say are prayers every night so we can see you soon all fixed and silly again. Try to be a good quiet boy, it's only for a little while. I know it's hard but you have some pretty cool peeps to take care of you.
All my Love,

Buca said...

I need my heart but will give you Andy's or Oliver's. Andy's is proven but Oliver's is young. You can just have Bertha. She's mean to me. I bet she has a few spare parts you can have.
Let's make a deal, you can have the three of them so I can have some husky peace and quiet. Pyrs bark. I tell you this because NH say Tonka is soooooo pyrfect. That must mean you don't bark.
I'm the odd man out in this household.
Anyway, use who and what you need from those three and feel better very soon.

NH & AK said...

Dear Tonka,
Feel better soon. We love you!
Hang in the Tonka Peeps.

Tonka said...

Thanks everyone. AP does play hide and find with me when my limp is not bad but I am also gaining weight from not walking and since I won't eat veggies so we have to watch how many treats I get. Buttercup they do make BIG Strollers I wonder if I would like one? Bertha you know I love you and thanks for the offer but I think Buca needs his heart. Buca everyone needs to keep all their body parts intact and everyone needs to try and get a long.

Helen and Raja said...

Hooray for you Tonka! You are a big strong boy and you had your successful surgery and now you'll be playing in the park in no time! Give your Mommy a big kiss... She was so worried, as were we all!

facial surgery said...

Tonka think he should be able to walk, run and play. Myopia is not unlike a dog to lay at his front door and watch the world and play so hard to keep him occupied or quiet.