Monday, April 25, 2011

Almost There

AP here:
I am happy to report that Tonka Man is almost back to normal. The blind boy is very OCD about his daily routine and he has not been right since he collapsed with his heart problem. Our usual predictable days have been anything but -and full of medication schedules, ice packs and warm compresses.

This morning he had the stitches removed and then he got to spend the day without the cone on his head. He was such a good boy today at the vet and just stayed real still while the stitches were removed. It is still amazing to me that just 2 weeks ago he had a hole in his heart fixed.

I also don't think he has had a good night’s sleep with that thing on and I know I haven’t since this all started.

Tonight he went for a walk with Nala, had a good dinner and then tore through the recycling bag to make a mess in the kitchen- so pretty much back to normal for the evening.


Bertha's Peeps! said...

The Sneaky Snake is back and in full rare form.
God Bless you guys!

Tonka said...

Thanks Bertha's Peeps!