Friday, April 15, 2011

4 Days Post PDA Surgery

AP here:
Today is Friday and Tonka man had heart surgery on Monday. Tuesday was a good day, Wednesday not so good and Thursday really not so good. I should have expected that since the same was true with his eye surgery. It is the old "it will get worse before it gets better" saying.
The incision site to the femoral artery became very angry looking and he started to have swelling and fluid build up down the leg and up and out through the groin.


Tonka loves kids, walks and cheese - mostly in that order. So when he didn't seem to care that the kids were out and he refused to get up and walk or come for cheese then I knew he was hurting. I had been a little stingy on his pain meds so the Dr. said we should give him the full dose and see if he perked up any. When after a full day  of meds he was still unresponsive and would not eat and refused water I started to really worry. I called CVCA and they responded really quickly and Tonka was seen early this morning by Dr. Ferguson in Annapolis. He and I discussed the swelling and fluid retention and he added warm moist compresses to his recovery and a round of antibiotics. During the exam they had to really poke and prod to make sure everything was OK and in doing so I think they unstuck something that was bothering the Tonk Man. Every time I would get him up this week he would whirl around every few steps like something under his leg was tugging on him. That stopped after his exam today. This afternoon he laid out front for a little while and went for a walk with his friend Nala. hopefully tomorrow will be an even better day.

Friday Evening


Bertha and her crew! said...

Tonka were are praying for you to feel better and to get back to being your ornery self. All fingers, toes, tails and feathers with a couple of lop ears are crossed for a speedy recovery.

Pat Vandoren said...

Hey Tonka,so glad u are coming along,that must have been pretty scarey for Mom. Kenny says hello,we will miss the bus stop but I hope u will visit one day,and when we r down we will look for u Feel better every day Your friend Kenny and Pat