Saturday, April 16, 2011

Busted by the Babysitter

AP had to go to work today and so her parents came to watch me while she was gone. I am still on pain medication and my leg is still swollen and sore but I had a really good morning. I went for a walk with Nala and came home and ate almost a whole bowl of food. AP left for work and I was sleepy for most of the time she was gone but I woke up after a while and wanted to chew on my bully stick that Aunt Carol left for me. I was laying there like a good boy chewing on my stick and then got up and went to the door to go potty. AP's parents let me out and I walked out in the yard and went (I am still peeing crooked thanks to the swelling from the surgery) then I headed off towards the ramp. AP's mom went back in to open the kitchen door at the top of the ramp to let me in -but I didnt go to the ramp. I veered off and went to my digging spot.
What I didnt know was that AP's dad was still behind me and he caught me as I spit out the last of the bully stick I had been hiding in my mouth to bury.
AP says I am a sneaky snake...

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Bertha and her boys! said...

Tonka, you are the bestest Sneaky Snake in the world.
We Love You!