Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Home Again

AP here:
I got to pick Tonka up and bring him home today. It is amazing to think that just yesterday he had heart surgery and today he is home. I cannot say enough great things about CVCA and the care that he received. I met with Dr. Rosenthal today to discuss his post surgical care and he answered all my questions and really put me at ease (heart stuff is scary stuff). Tonka was very happy to "see" my dad and had a good time in the waiting room with a very nice couple fussing over him.

Happy Boy

He came home and slept on the landing for a little bit then went downstairs and wanted to eat so I fed him a small bowl. He wanted to go outside so I opened the door and he walked out and went potty and then just stood there looking a little lost. I went and got him and we came up the ramp and into the kitchen and that is where he has been the rest of the day. He is still a bit groggy tonight but he never does real well with medication.

It took me a little while to clean up all the gel from his armpit and chest where they did echocardiograms yesterday and today. That stuff is really sticky but I got it washed off and blew him dry with the hairdryer and he was loving being brushed -even though he was half asleep. I am going to try and scan the echo pictures to post. The pictures show the blood flow before the occulder with the leak and then after the occulder with no leak - very cool.
He has not messed with the very large incision and stitches on his hind leg but has been interested in grooming the shaved spot on his front leg. I'm sure he will eventually get interested in the stiches and I will have to break out the comfy cone which will make him mad. 

His Aunt Carol came by this afternoon with a large caterpillar toy and that perked him up for a moment.

New Toy
He finally got up with a lot of coaxing this evening and had a little dinner. His leg is bothering him so I gave him some pain medication to make him more comfortable and now he is back to sleep. I have a feeling I won't be getting much sleep tonight but I am so glad he is home and doing so well.

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NH/AK and the 15 goofy critters said...

Tonka is HOME! He has an improved heart and can hold even more love. So glad you are home T-man! Now rest and get well soon. :)
Oh and AP, get some rest too, I think you are going to need it once T gets back up to full strength with his improved heart!