Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ready on the set - TAKE ONE

CM here, I know it's been a while since I posted on the "adventure's" of Tonka but believe me there has been some!!

But this morning Tonka thought he was auditioning for a bit in the remake of the movie "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" remember the movie where the patients hide their meds.  I was only going to be the director of this remake.....I ended up losing my position.  YES, I was fired by that famous producer known by all as AP.

It all started the night before, Tonka was given a very special rawhide and he spent the evening "auditioning" on how to eat a bone for another movie that AP was thinking of making.  He still had a piece of it left when the mornings auditioning began.  Of course, as the director I was to have kept my camera (eye) on him at ALL times.  Remember, he STILL has the 5 minute rule at any given time!

There was a problem with a wardrobe malfunction for myself and I put my "camera" down for a moment.  Now, we will NEVER know what REALLY happened this fateful morning; but we can ONLY imagine.  When I had returned, it appeared that Tonka was waiting "for my close-up Mr.Demille".  But just like a blue/green screen it was ALL make believe!!

I had noticed that Tonka's face needed a touch up.  AP came in and while she was wiping his eyes happened to also notice that he had "dirt" around his mouth.  Of course I was asked if I had kept an "camera" on him while she was away; I said "but of course, why do you ask?"

AP then asked me where the rest of the "prop" we all know as the BONE was.  I could have put on my best "Gone With The Wind"  and stated "I know nothing about bone props".  Except that TONKA gave me up!
He thought he still was AUDITIONING for the part.  He proudly let it be known by the evidence of dirt that was being wiped away; that he should get the part since he just proved that he could HIDE the bone under his tongue and slip out and bury it........while no one even noticed!!

So as Tonka is signing his contract for his next "movie" and AP has decided to direct him......I am without a JOB!!  So if anyone is looking for a GREAT DIRECTOR with a keen "camera" to make sure NOTHING gets missed.  Call 1-822-552-6669...CALL CM NOW!

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Bertha, Andy and Oliver said...

How did we know this was to be the demise of CM and why is there always something going on involving Tonka's mouth and CM getting in trouble?
We all adore and think you are under appreciated on many levels. Plus you sneak human food!