Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good Book

AP here: Tonka and I just finished a really good book about dogs. The author is Alexandra Horowitz and she is has PhD in Cognitive Science and the book is called
Inside of a Dog.
She gives you a perspective on what it must be like to live so close to the ground, which is what I have had to do with Tonka since he was a puppy (but only from a safety standpoint). I must admit I got a little down when I realized from reading the book how a dog really does pay close attention to people visually. I hadn't thought about that much with Tonka because he gets along so well and we have such a routine. I hardly ever think about him in terms of "blind dog" and what he misses out on, or what "we" miss out on as far as a visual bond with one another. I learned quite a bit from the book and it would be great if she had some research on blind dogs and the differences in behavior between blind and sighted.

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Anonymous said...

My lab/chow mutt has brought so much joy over the years. For some people who for whatever reason cannot have children, animals often take that role. I love my "child" and I love the Tonks man!
Denise Winterbottom