Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tonka's "Chair"

CM here, now that Tonka has decided that he does like being in the snow it can be very interesting to see what he does in it.

This past Sunday on Tonka's routine "play date" with his girlfriend Nala he bounced around and ate snow; all the things that a normal Pyr or any dog would do. After watching him romp and play, the sun was beating down on me. Now I don't have FUR, unless I haven't shaved by legs in a while and then I plead the 5th.

So I had bundled myself up like Randy from "A Christmas Story" and hoped that I didn't have to pee! At least I could put my arms down, but I still walked liked my legs had no knees.

So as the "children" played; I got tired and hot just standing there. So I decided to sit down in the snow to cool off; but also knowing that it could be difficult getting back up! :)

After a while I decided to get up, and that is when the BLIND boy decided to come RUNNING to me! I still don't understand how he knows how to ALWAYS find me! Then Tonka decided that he was tired also; and he sat down on me just as pretty as you please.**

When he was "rested" he got up and kept playing. Like I've said in other postings....I AM COMING BACK AS A BIG WHITE BLIND DOG!! They can do ANYTHING and get away with it.

**See Tonka Videos - Tonka Takes a Seat

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