Friday, February 5, 2010

Liams First Day

AP took Liam out today for a day on the town. He went to the gas station, the coffee shop, the hair salon and to Petsmart. I stayed home so he could hang out with AP and meet new people on his own. He had a good time with people fussing over him and got a new collar for training. We are supposed to get lots more snow so we had an earlier play date than normal with my girl Nala at the park. It was so much fun and Liam got to meet Sweet Pea and Shana the 2 little Jack Russell’s that sometimes play with us. When we got home Liam got a warm bath - I stayed far away from that....

We had a good dinner and then a frozen Kong for a treat. We wrestled a little and then Liam went to sleep. He is a little guy and still very young so he was tired I am letting him sleep on my "Orvis indestructible bed" that I already chewed the end off of. He seems to like it.

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