Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Buddy Liam

I have a playmate for the next few days and his name is Liam. We were hanging out at Wylie Wagg a couple of Saturdays ago for the adoption day. Liam is a Maremma which is the Italian version of me. He is just a baby at about 6 months and is a very good boy. He is also blind with the same problem I have, "retinal detachment" but his eyes also did not develop quite all the way so they are sort of tiny. He was born on a farm and spent the first part of his life in a barn with his siblings and then went to AGPR. He has been in foster homes for the last month or so while he is waiting for his forever person to find him. It is supposed to snow A LOT in the next 2 days so we will be playing in the snow.

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