Sunday, April 7, 2013

SPCA Annapolis Walk for the Animals

Today was  a big day. Aunt Carol and Nala came to the house really early and helped AP and CM load up the truck to go to Annapolis for the Walk for the Animals. Nala and I go every year and it is so much fun.

Waiting for Nala

AP and Aunt Carol had to figure out how to pack my stroller and my wheels this year.

Don't Forget Me Back Here
When we got there Nala was very excited and kept telling AP to hurry up and get everything back together so we could go see everyone. She was talking up a storm.

Stroller Frame

Getting the Stroller back together
Hurry up AP

While the humans were fooling around with everything Nala and I were saying Hi to everyone and all the other dogs in the parking lot.

 Then we were off up the hill to the walk.....

It is always a great time and a lot of my human friends from GAVH are there to give me some love and cookies. I also got to "see" my Aunt Pam from my neighborhood who was volunteering to help check people in and my Aunt Gina, Uncle Mike and Hannah who were there working and Ms. Kelly and some of the staff from Pet Barn.

 I love this event because I get to see so many of my doggie friends.

New Friend Named Blue

Little Puppy


Me and Ollie

 And as always my favoritest things in the world - kids.....

CM introducing me

I got tired so AP put me in the stroller with the help of Kee-Kee from GAVH. She is always so helpful to AP and me.

CM got me a cool new Bandanna

Falling Asleep
I had a great morning and Nala and I were both tired and ready for a nap by lunch time.

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liparifam said...

Oh my goodness, I want to take a nap in a stroller out in the sunshine, lol!
Lucky dog :)