Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pain Meds and the Dribbles

AP put me back on some pain medication since I have been whining a lot  and she thinks I might have hurt myself cause I keep falling  . We discovered that whatever sensation problem I have with nerve damage is made even duller with pain meds. I hadn't dribbled in the house since Christmas but when I stood up from my nap I dribbled on the carpet. AP says the medication must mess up the signal to my  sphincter - whatever that is - so now I have to wear my belly band until the medication is out of my system. I hope that is the cause because I don't like the belly band and I don't like making a mess in my house.

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Anonymous said...

How awful for the big guy...and for his peeps, too. We hope and pray that Tonka gets better soon.

Hang in there,

Tina and Lee