Friday, January 13, 2012

Kickin it at the Park

AP has been getting home early enough to take me to the park and therapy has been keeping me mobile.
Mornings are still draggy but when I get to the park in the afternoon with my friends-

"I'm kickin it"

Life is Good!


Anonymous said...

Tonka you r kicking it ! Amazing !

Pat &Buttercup

Anonymous said...

wow....physical therapy has done wonders for the big guy! So happy to see him smiling and mobile!

Tina and Liam

Tonka said...

Pat and Buttercup hopefully we will run into you this spring when we are back walking a regular route.

Tonka said...

Hi Tina and Liam! Yes PT is really helping. We get at least 4 days of semi normal which is great.