Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Disappearing Dog

AP here:
The other night Tonka was in the backyard with Nala and wandered over to dig in his digging spot. He ended up falling and getting mulch stuck in his fur and his tail. I retrieved a brush to clean him up and it was the first time I had brushed him standing up in months. I started brushing him out and realized how much size he has really lost in his back end. I was actually shocked at how thin he is becoming. The cart was supposed to let us go further on out walks and let him run a bit to help keep his muscle tone and his sanity but that is not an option at the moment since it seems to be hurting him.

He was due for his vitamin B12 shot so we all went to the vet together and when we got there and I got him on the scale. Carol said "you don't want to look at that" and when I looked up and saw 108lbs it really hit me hard. Tonka is a big boy and at his heaviest was 130, I prefer that he stay at 120-125 but for him to be 108 is scary. Last week he was 122 and at this rate I am afraid he wont be able to get himself up and around at all. He already has a hard time getting up on his own anymore.

He has Therapy next week and I am going to have to talk to them about swimming even though he is terrified of the pool but I need to get him doing something to put muscle back on. I need to find a place that will allow either the therapist of myself in the pool with him.  Swimming now seems to be the only thing left for us.

UPDATE: - Took Tonka to PT on 1/10 and the scale read in the 120's - so happy the other scale was way off.

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