Friday, March 5, 2010

We can rebuild him

We have the technology

We can make him better, faster, stronger..
We will give him A Bionic Eye!

So everyone is way behind with the blogging but I wanted to get this up for those that have been asking. I had my follow up appointment today with Dr. Gift and my pressure that was already at 25 in my left eye is now at 37. That is definitely the wrong way and so AP has made the decision to have him perform surgery on it. I am going to have an evisceration with implant done. Dr. Gift will remove the contents inside the eye leaving the actual shell and insert prosthesis into the shell - sort of like a superball. My eye will then heal around that and will still blink and move but no more stuff inside to create pressure problems. This webpage has a pretty good explanation and some pictures. My left eye has always been a problem and gives me really bad headaches so I won’t miss it. It has started to stretch from the pressure so it is best to do it now before it gets out of control. My surgery is on the 15th and I will have to be quiet and heal for a few days which for me will be the hard part. Those of you in the DC area that want to see me before my Bionic Eye can find me at the Big Bad Woof on March 13th. with my buddy Liam and some other awesome Pyrenees that are looking for a forever home.


Albert said...

Dear Tonka,

My name is Albert and I'm a Great Pyrenees, too. Daddy says I'm such a clown and goof-ball. But really, I'm a mommas-boy as you can see...

I wish you best of luck with your new eyes. Let me know how your procedure goes.

Big hugs and sniffs,


Tonka said...

Thanks Albert - my Mommy AP loved your video she says you are a very handsome boy.