Monday, March 15, 2010

Surgery Day

AP here:
So here I sit waiting for Tonka to get out of surgery for his Evisceration with Scleral Implant and everyone here at Animal Eye Care in Laurel has been wonderful. They truly care about the animals and I know Tonka Man is in good hands. When the surgery was first presented to me I immediately started to research what was involved and found very little detailed information. Some very kind people (thank you Trish, Pennye and Rick) directed me to other owners who had been through it and both Dr.s were very helpful. I could not find any information about how his eye will look immediately after surgery the only pictures I could find on the web were a month post op. Most of the technical articles I found on this type of surgery were restricted to Vets and Vet Techs. I will try to detail things as they go in case someone else is looking for information.

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