Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day after Surgery

So it's Tuesday, the day after surgery and I slept on the hide-a-mat on the floor in the hall between the couch and the wall with Tonka sleeping at my head. I didn't get much sleep since every time he moved I woke up to make sure he was OK. He is still really out of it and I had to feed him by hand and then clean up the mess. I gave him all his meds and then got him up to go potty. Since he is so dopey we have to go out the kitchen door and down the ramp to get to the yard.

Every time he hits that plastic cone on something he sort of snaps awake for a second so I am trying to direct him around by the scruff of the neck. It reminds me of the first few days he was here when he was so little and was just learning the layout of the house and didn't understand steps yet. I put a call into the vet since he is still out of it and isn't opening either eye. Dr. Gift called back and apparently Tonka is sensitive to the anesthesia and is just really drugged right now. We are cutting back on the meds to see if that will help. I literally have to bring him his water bowl to see if he is thirsty – he just will not wake up.

I applied a warm moist compress to the eye being careful not to rub or press hard and he seemed to like that. At around 4:00pm we went out to go potty and he finally opened his eyes - sort of. We will call that progress!

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