Friday, March 12, 2010

Big Bad Woof

Tomorrow I am going to the Big Bad Woof in Takoma Park to hang out with my friend Liam and some puppies and a young pyr named Johnny. AP helped rescue Johnny after he was picked up as a stray near where we live. She said he was really sweet and he has been with his foster Dad for a few months and is doing really well. They are all looking for their forever homes and tomorrow might meet a human to adopt. Liam has some humans coming just to see him. AP also has some friends coming by. I was forced to take a bath today and I hate baths. My friend Nala has been staying over for a few days and we were playing today in the backyard- in my digging pit and AP got really mad at us for getting muddy. She had to give both of us a bath and I think she was planning on taking me to the place with the tub where I can get hooked up and that has a really nice dryer. Instead she had to give me one in the walk in shower and I am really good at gettng away from her in there. She says its like wrestling a bear and she has to clean the whole bathroom when we get done. So I am all clean and fluffy and smelling good for tomorrow and for Monday's surgery. I hate baths! If you want to meet some great dogs and get some puppy kisses stop by the Big Bad Woof tomorrow between noon and 3:00.

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