Wednesday, September 26, 2012

UR-INE and UR OUT - it is all about the bladder

AP here:
So many things to worry about with a mobility disabled dog.

With Tonka the biggest thing is his bladder. I have to make sure it gets fully empty  and since he is not walking and doing that on his own I have had to learn the technique of expressing it. If I don't keep him empty he runs the risk of a Urinary tract infection or a kidney or liver problem. Tonka's size makes this task a wee bit more difficult than a smaller dog since not only am I having to locate and squeeze his bladder I am also having to support his weight and hold him upright.

Once again one of Tonka's amazing circle of medical staff stepped in and taught me the correct way to help him. Carmel Berger is a staff member at GAVH and is one of the most patient and kind people I know. My last Pyr hated going to the vet and Carmel would always make it a point to come and sit with her and try to make it less scary. She also has experience with disabled dogs and their special needs. So when I called GAVH in a panic last week that Tonka was not urinating she quickly offered to have me bring him by and she would teach me.

I'm still not a pro at it and he and I have our missteps but we are getting better.

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