Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hanging with the Newfs

Today AP took me to the big park with the dog beach, but we didn't go down to the water. We went to meet Ollie the Newfie (he has really cool hair). The Newfs were all having a picnic and doing Newfie things and I got to meet some kids (favoriritists things in the whole world), some peeps, some Newfs and a sweet Pyr named Daisy.
Ollie and Daisy are both rescues like me and one of  Daisy's peoples is a real nice guy named Josh who knew who I was from my blog. Ollie also has some awesome peeps and Gina and Hannah gave me lots of love. 
Daisy and I sort of stood out a bit but we tried our best to pretend to be Newfs for a day. It was really nice of them to let us hang out.

Getting some luv from Hannah


Sweet Talking Daisy

Pretending to be Newfs for a Day

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Ollie Lollie Mom said...

Ollie Lollie loved meeting you and Tonka... so blessed to have your company!!! Hannah really loved Tonka and Daisy!