Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Canine Rehab

AP here:
It has been 3 weeks since Tonka walked on his own. He can stand for a short time but I have to hold him up to eat his breakfast and dinner. He has a new Eddies Wheels cart coming that should support him differently and not bother the nerves of his legs. Hopefully he will be back to rolling around and hanging with his peeps and being Mr. Happy Go Lucky.

Since he is not walking we have started underwater treadmill therapy again in order to keep muscle mass and the legs moving. Chris and Diana have started some new therapy modalities as well.

Today he got to stand over a fitness ball. I'm sure it felt good to be standing up without me pulling on him.

I absolutely cannot say enough good things about Chesapeake Veterinary Surgical Specialists. Diana and Chris are amazing individuals that are not only extremely knowledgeable but very committed to helping your pet regain their quality of life. I can never thank them enough for the quality of care they have provided to Tonka.

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