Friday, March 18, 2011

Trish Gives Us The 411 on Sylvia and Post Op. Therapy

An update from Sylvia's foster mom Trish Rimo.
I'm really impressed with the canine physical therapists (and yes, my friends, there is such a specialty – and a good one, too!) at VCA Veterinary Referral Associates. They're so kind, compassionate and good at what they do for Sylvia following her hip surgery. They're trying to make sure she doesn't overly tax some other muscle/ligament while this leg is so very weak; she's lost 5 cm. of muscle mass in it already. When they try to rotate her leg, her muscle goes into spasms, so they give her soothing laser therapy. It’s been three weeks and she really doesn’t want to move that leg much at all. No at-home exercises until she gets stronger, and we’re just fine with that!

This is going to be a long, slow rehabilitation process for Sylvia, and I'm really glad we have professionals to help. The surgery (FHO) is particularly difficult for big dogs to recover from, as there’s so much weight borne by that new false “joint.” Without PT, I fear Sylvia would end up with a limp, not to mention joint problems elsewhere, which is the real issue. I’m so glad we advocated for the best level of care for her within reason – and that the generous people who donated to Sylvia’s fund enabled her to get this care!

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