Thursday, March 10, 2011

After the Rainy Walk

AP here:
People think I am a bit nuts since Tonka and I walk no matter what the weather and this morning in the rain was no exception. Tonka is confined to short walks right now but even with a short walk it did not take long to get soaked.
So what do you do with a Tonka Dog that is soaking wet?
First you towel him off real well making sure to get his paws and belly and then you let him in the house. Next you break out the hair dryer and try to keep him still while you dry him a little more thoroughly.
Here is a video of Tonka and the drying process - notice how hard it is to keep him still.

He is such a lazy lump-

Now if I could just get him to flip over!


Bertha said...

Tonka, could you be anymore laid back?
NH has grounded everyone here.
Oliver dug up the fairy garden. It's 3 feet off the ground! I was amazed at what a young boy can do! NH had just looked at it this morning thinking several plants lived through the winter. I heard her tell AK this, she isn't stupid enough to garden with us around. I guess she is stupid enough to tell us. :) Andy ran upstairs when she told him no, stay. I barked and barked and barked just because I could and Buca got in trouble just for being a dog.
NH thinks she outsmarted the Buncess with a clip on water bowl...right.
The birds didn't get in trouble today, I think they heard about the rest of us and said things like I love you and wolf whistled to break the tension. NH is always up for a good conversation.
I guess my barking didn't count!
I hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Tonka .. i am so glad to see that you love to be blown dried ! and tell mommy not to worry, she isn't the only crazy lady talking to her dog ! Mom just ordered me a doggie stroller so i can go walking too !


Tonka said...

Bertha - I think Oliver and I should have a bulldozer competition and see who can move the most dirt. I am not allowed in the flower bed and there is a tall fence now to keep me out but I have already figured out a way in. AP says she is going to dig them all up and do away with it and thats OK because I have found a new spot behind the grill to dig. I'm sorry you all got in trouble I think you should always blame the boys.