Monday, March 7, 2011

Sylvia One Week Update

AP here: I saw Sylvia this weekend, she looks great and Trish was kind enough to give us a one week update.

It’s been a little more than a week since Sylvia’s surgery and she’s recovering well. Her fur is already growing back, the incision is healing, and she’s gradually putting more weight on the surgical leg. Still, she has to stay confined (a little boring for her) until at least Friday. That’s when we go back to the surgeon to get her opinion of the progress and to see when Sylvia can start physical therapy, which is even more important for a large dog such as a Pyr. She’s still on pain meds — as much to keep her calm as to help with the pain!

FHO leg 1 week Post Op.
Kaiser has been gallant enough to give up his bed to Sylvia!

Tonka is very happy that Sylvia is on the mend and will get to see her for PyrFest in May.

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T said...

Sylvia's foster parents report that at her follow-up appointment today, the doctor was pleased with how she looks and how the incision is healing. She’s cleared for physical therapy starting next week. She’ll go twice a week for exercises, swimming, underwater treadmill and laser therapy (not all that will start right away) over four weeks. She can increase the length of her walks a couple of minutes each week. Unfortunately she still has to stay tethered in the family room for 2-3 more weeks, but she is basically a good sport about that. The longer walks should help her feel less confined!