Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Want Out

It snowed a lot more last night and AP had to shovel the driveway and clean off the cars before we went for our morning walk. I thought that was completely unfair. I wanted to get out front in all the action so I politely knocked on the door to let her know I was there..


  When knocking "politely" didn't work I decided I was trapped and tried to dig my way out.


I'm trapped
  Since no-one seemed to cared that I might die here- it was time to try and chew my way through.

Can't get a grip
 Somehow I ended up in trouble for just trying to get free - humans are totally unfair!


Anonymous said...

Tonka .. i love the sequence of photos ! PAWrents are so unfair at times! LOl ! LOl !

Buttercup & Momma Pat

Tonka said...

Thanks Momma Pat - I just wanted to be out front with everyone.